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Show Me the Savings! Advertising $ Comparison!

August 19, 2016

For about $5.00 dollars a day your advertising message is out there 24/7 seen by thousands.  Your road sign is your silent sales person.

* Based on cost per thousand impressions, outdoor advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising.

Type Cost Per 1000 Impressions
Sign / Billboard 50-100 st ft. $1.90
Magazine - 4 colour ad $14.00
Radio - 30 second local buy $10.00
Newspaper - 1/3 page in daily paper $32.50
Television - local prime time ad $33.35








Source:  Outdoor Advertising Association of America – OAAA / Peter J. Solomon Company 
* Estimates as of March 2016 (Median values)

More people (reach) X more times (frequency) = cost effective impressions =  Value

Other forms of advertising when seen or heard are generally not near your place of business.  When a potential customer sees your portable sign, the odds are much greater of them being drawn in to further inquire or shop.

Bottom-line,  Portable Signs help YOUR bottom-line!

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