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Marketing Inflatables

Waving, twisting, feisty little guys have made us all look.  Even Hollywood has an attraction for them calling them Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm or Flailing Tube Men!  Also among their aliases are; Fly Guys, Sky Tubes, Air Tubes, Sky Guys, Tube Guys, Sky Dancers, Dancing Tubes, or just plain Tube Man.

But whatever you want to call them, don't call them useless!   With benefits such as; easy to install, safe to operate, portable, compact to store, colorful, vibrant, at their low cost Air Dancers are close to the best bang for the marketing dollar.  They can be used for almost any event, grand opening, sale, or promotion - as can their Gorilla, Star, Balloon and Pointing Finger counterparts!

Wind dancers and inflatables require a standard electrical outlet to power a blower unit.


    2.Wind Dancers

    • Wacky Wally Tube Man
      $75.00 Wacky Wally Tube Man

      16’ high | 50' Cord Included | Power Source Required |  Red, Blue, Black

    • Inflatable - Double Air Dancers
      $150.00 Inflatable - Double Air Dancers

      14’ high | Needs to be tied down to 4 points | Power Source Required |

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